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More than an After School Program

LaGrange-Christian-AssemblyAfter School Advantage comes to you from the heart of two mothers who are familiar with the difficulties a parent faces when raising children. We all want what is best for our kids, but often find it challenging, in the ever changing world today, with both parents in the workforce and the increase in single-parent homes. Many kids are coming home to an empty house. Even when a parent stays in the home, it can be difficult after all other responsibilities have taken their toll and we are just physically and mentally exhausted.

Kids homework has become more and more dependent on parent participation and evenings are spent going over, checking homework and even reteaching at some points. With all of the best intentions, we, as well as our children, get to the point of frustration to get everything done academically, while sacrificing leisure time spent together nurturing our parent-child bond. Though some parents may view this as part of their job, many of us would enjoy more quality free time spent bonding and educating our children on life experiences and having fun with our kids, which builds closer emotional ties and healthy relationships for the remainder of childhood and into adulthood.

We know how valuable being there for your child during their formative years is and how much influence it has on who they become as adults. We wanted to establish a secure place where our kids can go complete their homework, have a healthy snack and enjoy activities while spending time with peers and nurturing adults. Your time at home with your child will be more relaxing, quality time spent as you choose.


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Combining Strong Academics With Athletics

max-mccook-ilThe SmartSports program is a division of AfterSchool Advantage and is coming to the MAX in McCook! This program was designed with the student athlete in mind. Kids have so much on their plate with school already…add sports to the mix, and you will usually find a child who can use a little, if not, a lot, of help!

Student athletes are tired and can easily forget to study for tests, do their homework, or even turn it in, resulting in a less than ideal GPA. Let us make sure your athlete is prepared for the requirements of future education and scholarships, while competing and enjoying sports.

The success of our program is based on homework tutoring, grade tracking, and quiz/test preparation to guarantee higher grades and GPA’s.

SmartSports offers your son/daughter the opportunity to make productive use of the time before, after, or in-between practice times at the Max. Schoolwork gets done, so you and your child can enjoy family time again!